Secured Virtual Meet-ups

We found that anonymous monitored virtual meet-ups with shortlisted matching-profiles are very effective and popular among millennials.

We study your requirements and expectations along with your character and shortlist the best suitable matching profiles for you.

We arrange monitored-anonymous-virtual-meet-ups (video-chats) with the matching-person you shortlisted, at your convenient time which saves the time, effort and associated cost for both the parties.

Both profiles are pre-verified ones (includes background-check) but the real names and addresses are kept anonymous to ensure privacy (including photographs in some cases to avoid ‘Attractiveness-bias’) and to avoid hassles if there is a mismatch. 

The initial 10-20 minutes extendable session will be monitored by a third-party. If positive for both parties, we suggest another 20-40 minutes extendable session after 3 days. We suggest in-person meeting 3rd time if both parties are comfortable else they can exchange their numbers after successful 2nd virtual-meet-up. There is a nominal fee for each virtual-meet-up sessions. Virtual meet-ups can be joined by parents as well but by keeping the anonymity. Both parties can proceed with the in-person meeting if they find that there is a good chemistry between them after the 2nd virtual meet-up.  

The monitored-anonymous-virtual-meet-ups can be during lunch/break-fast sessions or during morning/evening-walks, if you do not like to keep it as a formal session. Since we are little superstitious, we don’t conduct it once the sun is down 🙂