Premarital Verification

"Unlike old times, background verification is a must-have, as the societal fabric has changed a lot"

Unlike old times, background verification is a must-have as the societal fabric has changed because of multiple reasons; nuclear-families, misuse of internet, access to misleading information/contents, misleading peer-groups or friends-circle, brain-washed professional-networks, cultural erosion caused by migration, pseudo-culture etc.   

Thought-pattern of every family and every member within the family is different these days. Everyone looks for the best proposals for them; so families can hide details of their past or bad chapters for a better future which can end up is a mess if the other party feels cheated or has difficulties in accepting the cover-up.

Statistics shows that more seven divorces are happening among Keralites per hour as you read this making Kerala the Divorce Capital of India. It is to be noted that people who cover-up the not-so-great-past consciously, will put more efforts in cover-ups to make things seamlessly perfect or less flawed which makes it nearly impossible for anyone with normal mind to spot it out. Analysing the cases cynically can kill the joy of these precious life-moments, making it more sensible to use expertise of MAC’s Premarital Verification.

The real character of people can be different and when it comes to marriages people hide it as they are aware that chances to get rejected are high and they can’t afford to be themselves.

What you would be judging is the character they project outside and perceive it as real and make decisions accordingly ending up as misplaced-expectations.

Premarital Verifications are usually requested to cover from following categories.