Our Story!

MAC is a Not-just-for-Profit Social Enterprise Dedicated to Build Better Families for a Better Society !

What We Do?

MAC is a social enterprise that responds to the need of every individual’s most important pillar – Family ! We provide scientific solutions in six core areas at the early stage of family formation: Match-making, Premarital Background Verification, Premarital Prep Session, Marriage Facilitation, Relationship Mentoring and Dispute Resolution.

Why We Do It?

We were building bigger stable corporate teams across the globe for almost two decades. Though we were satisfied with the noble act of offering better opportunities for many families, we realized that many professionals are struggling with their family relationships.We Want To Fix That !

Who Are We ?

We are a team of social entrepreneurs and consulting-experts which include;

Experienced Headhunters/Searchologists, Background Check Experts, Experienced Matchmakers, Psychologists/Counselors, Specialist Doctors, Subject-Matter-Experts, Career and Financial Analysts, Sexologists and Veterans who learned from success and failures.

It’s the data derived from the collective-analysis of these experts that help you to make better decisions for a better family.

Your Benefits ?

  • We shorten your Search-Time and widen your Search-Area (offline/online) that gives you better options to choose.
  • We study people in-depth without  bias to see who can be a great match that can complement each other.
  • We introduce your profile to matching families and explain them necessary verified details about your family saving time and avoid future-hassles.
  • MAC’s Premarital Verification ensures that you are marrying someone with better credibility and reliability than a random individual that appears to be good due to unfamiliarity.
  • MAC’s Premarital Session preps the individuals’ mind to set the right attitude towards married life and your life-partner
  • The real limitations you face as a family is to clarify your queries/doubts about the other family – It will be leveled by MAC Experts.
  • MAC Team brings the genuine feedback that can assist you to rectify your faults.
  • Unlike other 3 -6 months subscriptions, MAC provides the service that ends only with your marriage.
  • We ensure that couple enjoys a hassle-free married-life with Mental Compatibility
  • Enjoy the service from the only-agency in Kerala that focus on lifetime assistance at all crucial stages 

               “Your Marriage Success Is Our Business”.

How We Do It?

Our team research on possible issues that affect modern-day-families and derive the advisory solutions based on Human (Data) Science Analytics by focusing more on Cultural and Social Anthropology of modern Indian family members along with their daily work-nature (India/abroad).

MAC brings the combination of Cognitive Science and Human Science Analytics to use Decision Science as the crystal ball for helping decision-makers in families to find the right choice. 

MAC takes personalized,curated approach to matchmaking utilizing all the innovative search methodologies deployed for Fortune 100 companies to find the most sought after singles across the world.

When We Did It?

MAC is the pioneer in modernizing the age-old Indian matchmaking tradition by relying on science and subject-matter-experts to find one’s possible perfect match. 

MAC’s  matrimonial services were started in 2019 by a set of Kerala-brought-up Bangaloreans, first targeting the Divorce Capital of India – Kerala ! 

Catering to a demographic of educated clientele, MAC’s client-base extends beyond India to many overseas locations including, but not limited to, Middle East, United States, United Kingdom and Europe.We also serve as the powerhouse of few U.S based elite Matchmaking/Dating firms.

Our Vision

“Our Vision is a better society where families thrive”.

We believe that families are at the foundation of a thriving society and hence the country. When we invest in all families, children are ready for school, parents are prepared to invest their talents in the workplace, home is a place of security, love and hope, and neighborhoods flourish. Our society becomes a better place to live, work and give.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to change the trajectory of families from crisis to wholeness”.

Through Human Science Analytics by societal collaboration, we offer comprehensive, effective and scientific solutions to build stronger families.