Netflix  has hit the sweet spot with a controversial reality series on a jet-setting Indian Matchmaker helping her picky clients find life partner. Review by another Indian Matchmaking Company – MarriageAlliance.Company

An Indian Matchmaker’s view on Netflix’s Series 'Indian Matchmaking'

We see the show as the reflection of society and we expect movies to be made to trigger the need for change in the society for the better.

We think the series lays down the reality for many Indians in India/abroad. We certainly cannot say this is the life of entire India but truth for many.

The show intelligently portrays the dynamics of families, their wishes and engagement in the bride/ groom selection procedure, expectation of many affluent families for the future addition, importance of marriage for the families / youth, extravagant expenditure on these marriages, persuasion by matchmakers (or relatives) to be a little accommodating, flexible and compromise needed to get hitched to a society defined “nice family”.

At the same time, it shows how (Indian) females are independent today and are making one of the biggest decisions of their life without any family pressure or influence. They are waiting to find their own ground, make a living and focus on their careers without succumbing to the societal pressure to get married or have kids. They are not “ready to compromise”. Instead of finding a “husband”, they are looking for a “partner” who can support them to keep their own identity and help each other to learn and grow together.

The change is evident and we should celebrate this to catalyze further positive changes! The show helped to change the views of foreigners about Arrange Marriage not being a Forced-Marriage over a tea. Many liked the idea of arranged-marriage process, the calm and pace of the reality dating show and admired the practicality and the directness of talking about real issues, culture/beliefs, wealth as a back-up, children early etc.

To Critics: It isn’t just arranged marriages, half of the love marriages are arranged by checking all the boxes. No one marries a girl they see on a traffic signal. Most of the love marriages are among the coworkers or similar groups where the same checklist is at the back of the mind (chuck horoscope).The preference-list exists across the world/cultures; it may not be the same for individuals/families.