Hire Your Matchmaker-Team

Our Matchmaker-Team is hired mostly by high-profile to middle-class families for multiple reasons.

Find the list of benefits enjoyed by our customers :

Let Experts Assist You To Be A Better Decision Maker

  • Handled by experts who do it daily than parents who wear that hat once in their lifetime.
  • Encourage singles to think beyond infatuation. It’s easy to fall in love than to fall in ‘like’  – to get to know someone on a level beyond butterflies, fireworks, and dreams.
  • We have a bird’s eye view of the marriage world, knows the industry, and has likely witnessed thousands of proposals before you came along. You are the expert about you, and our matchmakers are the experts on possible alliances.
  • It is complicated and time-consuming. There is zero shame in outsourcing it so that you can focus on other things. No matter how rich, beautiful, or smart you are, you’re not immune from the complexities of life-partner search.
  • We will help you learn through our insights, real proposal feedback, and anecdotes about clients.

Experience That In-depth Fool-proof Search

  • Gives valid new screening criteria in search that matters the most than what usual family looks for.
  • You’ll most likely get better results than finding yourself
  • Knowing people requires time and we dwell in deep for you as a process that digs out the details which are not visible during the initial days.
  • For us, it’s our daily focused work using expertise and there is no butterflies and fireworks to blind us with dreamland feeling that your family may experience which may force them to make wrong decisions.
  • Some of the best matches we made are the ones that didn’t fit the laundry lists of clients’ criteria. People are so quick to write-off people.
  • Families get a better idea of what they actually need than what they want.
  • We reduce the chances of bad proposals by screening singles and families upfront. The benefit of having matchmaker is that you’ll plow through the partner-pool more quickly than you might on your own, and spend less time and less stress to get there. All the while, you’ll have knowledgeable professional guiding you along, giving feedback, and advocating for you. You’re not doing it alone, and you’re not doing the heavy lifting.

MAC Brings That Magic by Avoiding Distracting Annoying Experiences

  • You generally feel emotionally stable and happy and present yourselves that way as No need to fear about rejections or feel dejected as we shield you from the negatives by buffering it upfront.
  • Searching for life-partner these days feels like another full-time job, we ease it. If you have limited free time or a public persona to protect, and comfortable finances, then matchmaking is a realistic option.
  • No life is perfect, there can be bad chapters and we do the explaining for you so that you don’t need to hide it to feel guilty throughout life ruining lives.
  • It’s internet age and we enable you to meet quality people while shielding you from many ills of online proposals; manipulators, pedophiles, ex-cons, losers, liars, spammers, catfishes and PhotoShop experts. We sense them upfront and even avoid that uneasy feeling of commodification inherent to marriage proposals. We essentially go on not-so-great proposals representing you to shield you from them.
  • We stop family members forcing you to be with a real mismatch for purposes of parent pleasing, political diplomacy, or procreation.
  • We offer your privacy as a priority: no public profiles or personal info disclosed to others without your knowledge.

Enjoy The Positivity In Finding Your Match

  • Gives better confidence and clarity to the family on both sides.
  • A partner through the tough process that defines rest of your life
  • More of a personalized, premium experience
  • Molding you prepping and setting the right perspectives and priorities.
  • It’s a liberating feeling to detach from the frustrations and disappointments of partner-hunting on a daily basis instead enjoy the process than the bad part of it. You can work on your inner part and specific assessments while we do the rest focusing on quality than quantity.
  • Never have to approach a stranger Instead, the person you talk to has already agreed in advance to give you a shot after hearing about your initial details.
  • Can stop trying to brand, market, sell and repackage yourself – as if you were a movie trailer (rather than a whole, complicated, interesting, real person worthy of an entire conversation).