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One-on-one, in person advice session and we talk about where you've been, what you want and how to get you there.

Premarital Verification

Unlike old times, background verification is a must-have as the societal fabric has changed because of multiple reasons; nuclear-families, misuse of internet, access to misleading information/contents, misleading peer-groups or friends-circle, brain-washed professional-networks, cultural erosion caused by migration, pseudo-culture etc.    

Premarital Prep Session

The main preparation we need ahead of marriage is psychological. We need to understand ourselves, our partners, where possible difficulties may arise and how love might work. We need properly to know what we are heading into and what the correct mindset for the journey might be.

“If Marriages are Made in Heaven, We Are Your Messengers”


Monitored Video chat with your pre-approved shortlisted matches online anonymously to check if the chemistry matches based on shared goals, thoughts and behavior pattern.

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Sign-up for limited or unlimited number of match checking than paying Astrologers on case by case basis.


For every one marriage we facilitate, we commit to give back to the society through different programs targeting the underprivileged people around us.

“A Happy Marriage is The Union of Two Good Forgivers”


Marriage, the second time around can be a very different process than the first. Getting it right is the most crucial part in one’s life. Everyone’s focus is on avoiding earlier mistakes blinding other issues. Frauds targeting divorced women are on the rise. We provide fool-proof solutions for anyone to be remarried. Everyone deserves another chance to be Loved for Life !

Relationship Mentoring/Counselling

Mentoring help couples to live their vision for marriage. We bring sage advice, personal support, encouragement, and help, in hard times. We encourage and empower the couple to design a successful, lifelong relationship using practical approaches.

Dispute Resolution Service

A lasting marriage results from a couple’s understanding and ability to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable in any relationship. We concentrate on couple’s strengths and work-out differences to bring goodness in couple’s relationship. Message us now to know more..

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